a little bit of history

Jalakara first opened for its first full season in October 2016.   Originally the property was an overgrown banana & betel nut plantation backing onto tropical rain forest.  there was something lovely about the location -the quality of light in the afternoon, the abundance of nature and glimpses of fabulous views across the forest towards the sunset and sea.


Since then we have cleared the plantation, landscaped the property, planted trees, shrubs and flowers, dug a well and built a road. Working closely with a talented and dedicated team of architects, builders and craftsmen drawn from across India and beyond, the buildings and garden gradually took shape, developed and matured.


It is my vision of a dreamy, tropical  hideaway

surrounded  by   nature, far  from  the humdrum

cares of the modern world.  My wife, Atalanta &

I named the property Jalakara - A sanskrit word

meaning   the   fountain.    We  very  much  hope

staying  at  Jalakara  may be  a  source  of  good

times, happy memories and rejuvenation for all

who visit us on this magical island.

Marko Hill

 Varun Kutty joined our team at Jalakara as our general manager in October 2017.  originally from the foothills of the himalayas, varun not only brings a wealth of top class hospitality experience with him, but also his young family and fantastic moustache. Varun is the only member of the prestigious golden keys (international hospitality's SAS) for a 1000 miles in any direction!

When to visit

Havelock island is a beguiling tropical destination all year round - temperatures never fall much below 20 Degrees Celsius and rarely exceed 32 degrees.  What does change throughout the year is how much it rains!  Typically between october and December the weather is clear with regular tropical rain showers, from January to May the weather is usually very settled with hardly any rain.  May is a transitional month with the first showers of the rainy season.  From mid june to the end of july it is the spectacular and energising monsoon season.  Heavy rain showers are interspersed with occasional spells of dry weather and the island thrums with new life.  To get an accurate idea of what to expect at different times of year you can view some weather statistics by clicking on the following link....



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